Mark is internationally recognized as a trumpet virtuoso, recording artist, and clinician. He is a trumpet artist for the Conn-Selmer Corporation.

Mark holds a Bachelors degree in Music and Psychology as well as a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling Psychotherapy from Rollins College. He is a Board Certified, Nationally certified mental health counselor, and a licensed clinical psychotherapist. He has over 30 years experience as a professional trumpet player and continues to perform for over 140 annually with his band. He is currently the full time lead Trumpet player in the musical group called the "Main Street Philharmonic" at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

Mark specializes in conducting clinics, working with brass players, and performing as a guest soloist and clinician worldwide.

The focus of his clinics and brass instruction include:


Mark as a guest trumpet soloist:

He combines power with flexibility when playing in the extreme upper register of the horn and brings to the stage his influences from many of the Jazz legends he has shared the stage with: Arturo Sandoval, Branford Marsalis, Marcus Printup, Pat Metheny, Louis Bellson, James Moody, Maureen McGovern, and many more.

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Mark offers help with issues of performance anxiety, stage fright, and overcoming barriers that prevent performance. Mark custom designs each clinic or masterclass to fit the need of the students. For more information contact Mark today.

For online trumpet lessons, contact Mark via e mail at Mark has been helping professional trumpet players who want to play upper trumpet in the upper register. Mark's helps others improve upper register playing and improve ability to play high notes.

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Photo of Mark, trumpet artist for the Conn-Selmer Corporation.

Mark Zauss, M.A., N.C.C., B.C.P.C., L.M.H.C., Nationally Certified Counselor, Board Certified licensed psychotherapist, trumpet artist for the Conn-Selmer Corporation and lead trumpet player in the Walt Disney World Band "The Main Street Philharmonic".

Everybody the Blues, Mark Zauss featured soloist on G Bugle with Future Corps in 1998



Mark Zauss offers concerts, clinics, and master classes to improve performance, reduce anxiety, and reach goals.